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How did Supermarket Distributors of America come to be?

It all started over 50 years ago, supplying a few retail variety stores. Our founder saw a need on the supply side of retailing. He decided to carry a small selection of products that were being promoted by several manufacturers and demand was growing forsomeone to distribute them in the New York marketplace.

With vans and trucks making deliveries daily, the business was rapidly expanding. Instead of stocking a few brands, Julie now needed many more brands and sizes of Health & Beauty Care products to give the growing customer base a wider selection to chose from.

Mass Merchandise Retailers

With more supermarkets, mass merchandise retailers, and variety stores opening in the metro area, expansion continued as our selection of products grew from a few hundred to several thousand. Of course, there have been many changes over the years in our product selection and customer base. At one time in our past, we were the main supplier for Alexander's, J. W. Mays Dept. Stores, Masters, E.J. Korvettes and several other mass-merchandisers.

Over the years, as the market changed, we changed too. We refocused on the supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores, and the college/university bookstores. With our competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and prompt delivery, many retailers have grown with us too.

Supermarkets Drug Stores Convenience Stores

As we look ahead to our future, we see continued growth with the independent retailers as many consumers tire of the superstore concept. With everyone needing to split their valuable time more carefully to balance work and family life, and a need to stretch the income to put food on the table, more convenient and smaller supermarkets and variety stores will flourish.

We hope to see our internet sales accelerate over the next few years as we improve our web site and offer new ways for our existing customers and new customers to do business with us.


Terry Feinberg
Supermarket Dist. Of America

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